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Our Own Site is Now Powered By Our Online School Newspaper Service! We are putting our "money where our mouth is!" We have just gone live (mid-September) with our new and improved website for YourStudentNews. Why is this important to you? Because we are using our own service to run this site! Wondering what an online school newspaper might look like? This site is running 100% on our own online newspaper service. Integrated Photo Gallery and Image Upload Resizing All YourStudentNews sites now have an integrated photo gallery and a new feature to allow you to resize pictures to fit your articles as you upload. Live Preview of Next Issue Articles Live Preview is a tool that allows you to see exactly what an article will look like after it has been published in the Next Issue before it is actually published on your live site. Ben's Help Center for YourStudentNews We are really pleased to announce our new support site for our online school newspaper customers. We've completely rebuilt using our own online student news software. Ben's Help Center is now integrated with your online student newspaper administration site - just click the Ben's Help Center at the bottom of any page. Check it out at Ben's Help Center for Online School Newspapers.



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