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Walking the Walk Not Just Talking the Talk

We Use Our Own Software

Hello! My name is Scott and I am the President of Appalachian Multimedia Corporation. online school newspaper service is our flagship offering. Before I tell our story, I would like you to know that I do still have all (well most) of my hair!

How is YourStudentNews like the Hair Club for Men? First and foremost, we use our own software! This site you are currently on (and Ben's Help Center) run on the same software used by our online school newspaper customers. I also spent several years as the parent sponsor / adviser of an online school newspaper using YourStudentNews. I worked regularly with a group of about 15 local students to produce monthly issues of an online student newspaper.

I am not only a co-founder and president, I am a user of the software. Second, my background includes a second career teaching K-8 at a private Christian school and grades 9 -12 at a public school as a certified teacher.

I have lived your life! I understand the daily ups and downs of being in the classroom. I know the joy of making a difference in the life of just a single child. I have felt the heartache of not seeming to make a difference for some. I have worked weekends and evenings on lesson plans and grades. I also know the pride a student derives from producing something that is real, tangible and meaningful. "Look! I did that!" I believe the new buzz phrase for this is "authentic learning." That is what we aspire to help you provide your students. I sincerely care about your success in the classroom.

We are a family owned, privately held and profitable corporation. We have been in business since 2003 and we incorporated in 2004. I guarantee that you will receive friendly, personalized service. We not only have a great story to tell: We live the story every day!

Best regards, Scott



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