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Adding Images To Your Online School Newspaper Articles

Your Student News Support Staff , Online School Newspaper Support  

Using the Advanced Editor, place your cursor in the body of the text where you want the picture to be placed and then click the image button as shown with the arrow below.


Then you will see a popup dialog box as shown below.  From here, you may enter the URL of an image that is already on the Internet.

Enter the URL of the image and then click the OK button at the bottom.  You may also adjust the display width and height, add a border, add horizontal and vertical spacing and set the alignment in relationship to text of the image.  Once the image is in your article, you can return to this dialog box by right clicking the image and selecting Properties.


Or, to upload an image from your computer, click the Upload Tab and you will see a screen like the following:

On this screen, click the Browse button which will allow you to select the image from your local computer.  Once you have selected the desired image, click Send it to the Server and then OK.

HINT: Your site will load faster if you make your images small before you upload them.  Very large images (such as those from a high end digital camera) will load visibly slower than images that have been downsized prior to uploading.

You may also make your image a clickable link.  To do this, click the Link Tab above and enter the URL for the image link.



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