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Customize the Colors, Graphics and Elements of Your Student News Site

Site Designer Instructions

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To change colors, graphics and some elements of your student news site, first click the Configure/Site Designer link in the Site Administration.

Select / change elements as shown below then click Update Design.

Image 1

Use Counter: Select this if you want to display a count of visitors to your site.

Use Ad Sidebar: Select this if you want to display an advertising sidebar on all Sections and Articles of your site.  The advertising sidebar can be used for static links, images and widgets and does not have to be used only for advertisements.

News Slider: Select either Left or Banner if you wish to use a News Slider that will animate and cycle through your headlines.  If you select Left, the slider will be towards the top left-hand side of your site.  If you select Banner, the slider will be near the top of your site.  You may also select if you want the slider to appear on all Sections or only your Cover (home page) Section.

You can also select the color theme for your slider by clicking the radio button next to the color you want to use.


Image 2


You can include "Socialize It" buttons automatically by checking the ones you want to use as shown above in Image 2. 

You can also use IntenseDebate / Facebook Commenting with each article of your student news site by including your IntenseDebate ID in the field shown above.  To get your IntenseDebate ID you will need to create an account with IntenseDebate(.com).

Images 3 and 4


You can change the colors of Article, Page Menu and Section Menu Link colors as shown in the above images.  Article Link Colors are for links that appear as part of an article (such as the headline).  Page Menu Link Colors are for the links that are defined as Pages on your site such as "Contact Us" and appear along the top right of the site.  Section Menu Link Colors are for the section links that appear below your header graphic.

Link Color is the color of an unvisited link.  Visited Link Color is the color of a link that has been previously visited.  Hover Link Color is the color of the link when the mouse cursor is over it.

Image 5

You may change the Header Gradient or Header Graphic image using the links shown above in Image 5.  To change the Header Gradient, click the Change Header Gradient link to get the following popup form:

Image 6

To change the top gradient color, click the box in the left-hand top corner and select your desired color.  To change the bottom gradient color, click the box in the left-hand bottom corner and select your desired color.  When you are satisfied with your gradient, click the X in the top right of the popup window to close it.

To change your header graphic, click the Change Header Graphic Image link and upload your header graphic.  It should be 800x100 pixels and a JPEG image.

Image 7

You may also choose to use a color or an image for your site background.  Make your selection as shown in Image 7 above.  Then, either click the Change Site Background Image to upload an image or click the field next to teh Site Background Color label and choose the color you want for your site background.

As shown in Image 7, you may also change the color of the News background (the background behind your Headlines, Summaries and Articles).  The More Articles Box Background Color is for the list of Sections and Articles that appears near the bottom of your site.

Image 8

Last, as shown in Image 8, you can change the color of the footer of your site and the color of the text that appears in that footer.

When you have completed your site design changes, click the Update Design button.  You may need to refresh your live site a few times to get your changes to appear in your browser.




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